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Partners and Plans

Kim offers several ways to make acupuncture apart of your daily life. She combines treatments, life style changes,  and community to offer you one-on-one daily support. The best way to be supported outside of her clinic is via 1st Phorm's app. In the app you will get daily motivational messages from Kim. Check below for all the ways to expand into vitality with Kim.

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1st Phorm

1st Phorm is an established industry-leading supplement and nutrition brand that goes the extra mile by delivering supreme customer service. They are committed to finding quality ingredients, have best-in-class taste, and use cutting edge formulations. They believe strongly in an ethos around education, loyalty, going the extra mile, staying humble, being disciplined, and being Made in America. Try Kim's Favorite Vital Supplements!

Vital Rest

Our skin is the amazing armor that keeps us healthy and beautiful all through our lives. Sleep is essential for healthy skin but can actually cause wrinkles too. As a lifestyle acupuncturist, Kim loves to use many tools to stay fresh and vital. Like #SleepandGlow pillows. Silk or satin pillowcases may reduce friction between your skin and the pillow, eliminating pressure causing skin indentation and eventually sleep wrinkles. Check out Kim's favs

Cat Sleeping

Fill out the below form to get started with vitality and lifestyle coaching. Kim will call you once you have submitted your details

Neck Therapy

Vital Life Package

Kim combines the 1st Phorm lifestyle community and acupuncture in this amazing package. You will receive 5 treatments for the price of 3.5 treatments AND this will gain you access to the 1st Phorm coaching app for 2 Months Free. Please contact Kim to purchase

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