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Fitness Team

Vitality & Lifestyle

Kim's vitality and lifestyle coaching blends four pillars of Whole-Health Living:

  • Movement: Muscle is your YANG

  • Food Choice Awareness and Foundational Supplements

  • Mindset: Intention, Growth, Attitude, Mental Strengthening

  • Play!

Opportunities for Support:

As a patient in clinic… Woven into each clinic experience, Kim discusses life between the treatments in the form of movement, nutrition, sleep and other various life habits and how they either add value/help or hinder progress. Time between the treatments is just as valuable, if not more, because it is done repetitively and frequently.

As a person interested in building healthy habits on FB… Kim created a Private FB community (aka Grit 'n Grace) that is solely focused on healthy living, through sharing recipes, education, tips and running various monthly challenges to help inspire positive change into one’s lifestyle. All are welcome.

An individual to work one-on-one… Kim offers Lifestyle Coaching through the 1st Phorm app. Nutrition coaching, macro tracking, fitness programs, daily announcements full of education, mindset awareness, and weekly check in’s are all included in this comprehensive program that costs only $13/month. 

Whether its through the 1st Phorm app., the Grit 'n Grace FB community or the in-clinic personal discussions, with all these opportunities for support, you'll be in the best position to succeed.


1st Phorm

1st Phorm is an established industry-leading supplement and nutrition brand that goes the extra mile by delivering supreme customer service. They are committed to finding quality ingredients, have best-in-class taste, and use cutting edge formulations. They believe strongly in an ethos around education, loyalty, going the extra mile, staying humble, being disciplined, and being Made in America. Try Kim's Favorite Vital Supplements!

Kim has also partnered with 1st Phorm to offer... 

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