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Movement: Muscle is your YANG

Do you know how electricity is energy and it travels a direct path?

So too, your body is electrical, full of energy, and must be moved to ensure a healthy flow of blood and qi.

QI /chee/ is our life force. Energy and your body is the pump moving it around, making it come to life.

And we all know what happens when we don’t keep a pump primed, it locks up/freezes or breaks down.

Actually, your body is far more advanced and fancier than a pump… Your body is a vortex, a series of small tornadoes of energy swirling through your bodies fluids creating the pump for the mass.

Bottom line… you MUST move your body and by move I mean beyond the car to your house or the couch to the fridge… INTENTIONAL MOVEMENT! Walking, lifting heavy things, stretching, surfing, martial arts, whatever it is, that brings you joy and a playful spirit, and gets a good sweat on. You gotta keep that pump primed.

Movement: Muscle is your YANG
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