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Mindset: Intention, Growth, Attitude, Mental Strengthening

Mindset Dash intention – mental strengthening

Mindset is 80% behind anything you want to do create, build our head toward in life. It is the building blocks behind the action. It sets the tone create the vibe, builds the momentum and constructs the container, so that results happen.

And yet, so if you put Mindset in outlook as a top priority before launching forward into any new creation, new goals, I believe it is best to evaluate the mental sphere in what you got going on between your ears

Because mental chatter can derail you 100% if you’re not careful

So let’s look at what “mindset” is exactly…

Mindset - “a persons, overall attitude, belief and thinking pattern that shapes their behavior and perception of the world and encompasses how individuals approach challenges interpret situations and respond to setbacks or successes. A Mindset can be characterized as either fixed or growth oriented.”
fix mindset assumes that abilities and qualities are fixed traits… I’m never interested in that, personally because that’s a pretty limited way to view living

I am interested in growth mindset… Because that perspective focuses on intelligence and skills that can be developed through effort, patients and learning. Mindset greatly influences personal development, resilience in the ability to embrace new opportunities.

Simply put it’s the inner landscape of how you approach life… Is the chatter between your ears. Is that chatter helpful or is it debilitating?

Mental strengthening refers to activities, techniques or practices that help improve and enhance one’s mental resilience, well-being and cognitive abilities. It involves strategies such as mindfulness, meditation, cognitive exercises, positive affirmations, and self reflection mental strengthening exercises can help reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, enhance problem-solving, skills, and boost confidence and promote overall mental wellness.

Resilience is your ability to bounce back, despite what life throws your direction. Resilience, in my opinion is an attribute that must be nurtured because life will always throw curveballs. So by physically putting yourself through stress, your mental conditioning will be sharp.

Intention - the framework that holds the mental game together.

Intention refers to a persons, purpose, aim or objective behind their thoughts, words, or actions. It is the underlying motivation that drives individuals to pursue specific goals or outcomes intentions can range from simple every day actions to more complex long-term plans. They reflect our desires, hopes and aspirations, and they guide our decision making process understanding one’s intention, can provide insight into their mindset, and help to determine her the meaning behind that behavior.

Mindset: Intention, Growth, Attitude, Mental Strengthening
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