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Food choice awareness

Whole food choices… well, I titled it food, choice, awareness, but my ultimate goal is for each individual to understand the absolute importance of choosing Whole Foods over ultra-processed foods.

There’s a war going on and it’s taking place inside the grocery store every day. There are only 10 companies that control the entire food industry. No, I don’t exactly want to get lost in that deep rabbit hole right now, but I want you to be aware that there is BIGMONEY attached to your basic every day food purchases.

They spend millions of dollars to create in a lab, foods that leave you wanting more, and more often than not those foods hold no nutritional value meaning, they don’t have the micro nutrients, the vitamins and minerals that your body actually needs to sustain vitality. And what they ultimately do, is leave you wanting more because they change the chemistry in your brain and actually get you addicted.

By choosing Whole Foods, which is basically fruits, vegetables, meat, grains, nuts, dairy, etc. you are in a position to be living the way your physical body needs you to be nourishing it.

I’m not a perfectionist or a purist, but I am aware that technology is advancing far faster than our biological bodies can handle. We have to honor where our bodies are actually at. And it’s still at the level of needing an apple versus apple strudel day and day out.

When I talk about food choice awareness, I am talking about making best efforts to slow down and cook your foods and grab natural snacks versus packaged foods. Because, on the other side of the package foods is a void leaving you wanting more and ultimately leaving you without real energy. Your metabolism pays the price in the long run.

In my private Facebook community [CLICK HERE TO JOIN], I oftentimes share whole food recipes that are delicious and very friendly to living that whole health life. So please join us in that group, which is free for everyone!

Food choice awareness
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